Car Springs & Truck Springs

An important part of your car's suspension system, coil springs are the first line of defence when it comes to absorbing shocks and bumps from the road. Even on a perfectly smooth road a car would judder and vibrate as it moved, and the car springs are what give you a smooth ride.

The primary function of Car & Truck springs, whether they be Leaf, Coil or Torsion Bar, is to absorb the shocks that are created when driving over irregular road surfaces and maintain correct downward pressure on the road for optimum tyre/road surface contact.

The spring rate or stiffness must be matched to the weight of the car and the weight of the other suspension components. The handling of most vehicles is substantially improved by increasing the original spring rate to an optimum rate which maximises tyre adhesion while reducing body roll.

Coil Springs are the foundations of the modern suspension system with most car manufacturers preferring Coil Springs due to their advantages of weight, tunability, space and ease of manufacture.

Specialise in Sales and Repairs of:

  • Standard and uprated Coil Springs
  • Lowering Suspension Coils
  • Compression, tension and torsion springs.

New and Reconditioned standard and uprated leaf springs

  • We aso supply and fit suspension sytems
  • We also supply Centre bolts and u-bolts
  • Gabriel Shocks Supplied and Fitted

Like all car & truck parts, car springs and truck springs will eventually start to wear out, resulting in a bumpier, less comfy ride.

If you suspect that you need a new coil spring, you can either pop in or call us today!

We can help you with all your spring needs. Feel free to visit our contact page if you have a query or You can visit our Google Maps page for more information about our location.

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